Sentient Sword of Blood-Drinking.

The cursed blade of the gnollish King of War. Every time it extinguishes a life, the blade grows stronger. Tieflings gain an extra +1 to attack rolls when using this dark blade.

0 kills: STR vs AC; 1d6 dmg.
1: STR+1 vs AC; 1d6+1 dmg.
2: STR+1 vs AC; 1d6+2 dmg.
3: STR+2 vs AC; 1d8 dmg.
4: STR+2 vs AC; 1d8+1 dmg.
5: STR+3 vs AC; 1d8+2 dmg.
6: STR+3 vs AC; 1d8+3 dmg.
7: STR+4 vs AC; 1d10 dmg.
8: STR+4 vs AC; 1d10+1 dmg.
9: STR+5 vs AC; 1d10+2 dmg.
10: STR+5 vs AC; 1d10+3 dmg.
11: STR+6 vs AC; 1d12 dmg.
12/MAX: STR+6 vs AC; 2d12 dmg.

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