Irving the Skunk

The human wizard Irving is now the skunk wizard Irving.

During the Merman Prison adventure, Irving's player possessed Feer's battleferret and used his mage-hand to float himself up the various towers in the now-waterless prison. Irving's player was visibly pleased; after the game, I asked him if he wanted to become a ferret full-time.

"Well, not a ferret, per se," he said. "But I wouldn't mind being something small enough to mage-hand, that was pretty cool. As long as it doesn't get in the way of any of your puzzles." He's very considerate that way, and has even fielded various rituals to make sure it didn't upset anything I had planned; always I say, don't worry about it.

And so, a couple of adventures later, I had my players come across a fountain that turned them into skunks and back again if they drank from it. Jarmangle drank from it, and as a result, lost all of his equipment and nearly killed his sister.

Irving drank and, as I expected, chose not to turn back into a human.

The logical question became, of course, what would happen to his stats? I decided that they would stay the same-- as a wizard, he had very low strength and constitution scores anyway, and there was no reason his intelligence or wisdom would have suffered-- but gave him a +2 bonus to his AC and a +1 to his reflex defense, on the assumption that, being smaller and mostly airborn, he would be harder to hit.

Some of you might be asking, why a skunk?

Well, I like skunks.

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