Meta: Early on, the party came across two BABY FERRETS, at which point I immediately said, "WHO WANTS A BABY FERRET!!??" and two of the players-- Feer the Ranger and Robyn the Bard-- raised their hands. And so I wrote up an index card for each of them, with a line where they could name said baby ferret.

As the game has continued, and certain party members have found themselves the masters of Dire Falcons, Skeletal Steeds, and Firefoxes, each of which have some kind of combat skill, there has been a slight twinge of jealousy on the ferret front.

FEER: Jarmangle's dire falcon has a swooping attack. What does my ferret have?

DM: A plus-two to adorability checks?

FEER: I want the ferret to have something special.

DM: Like some kind of combat power?

FEER: Yeah.

DM: Are you going to put the ferret in combat?

FEER: No! I don't want anything to happen to her.

DM: Then it doesn't need a combat power.

FEER: But the dire falcon has a combat power. I just want the ferret to have something special.

DM: Something special that it will never use.

FEER: Right.

She really clinched the deal when they hauled the scales they took from a dragon's remains in front of the master blacksmith and she demanded that some of the scales be used to make scale armour for the ferrets, as they would then look "cute". And so, faced with the prospect of two ferrets clad in scale armour, I decided to give in and stat up a combat-capable creature.

Fluff: It's a mundane ferret, but in scale armour.

Battleferret, Level 3 Skirmisher, small natural beast.
HP 34
AC 20 FORT 11 REF 22 WILL 12
Speed 8


A bloodied enemy is extra tasty, and the battleferret does 2d6+8 nom damage with its nom attack.

Sneaky-Pete Stuff
The battleferret can move through squares occupied by enemies and friends alike without provoking opportunity attacks.

The battleferret can co-occupy the square of any Medium or Small humanoid. The battleferret is safe from attacks from an enemy whose square they are occupying, and while the target may shift away from the square, it cannot move without triggering a Trip Attack.

Standard Actions

Nom (At-Will, Melee)
Attack: +8 vs AC; the battleferret noms the enemy. Nom nom nom.
Hit: 1d6+4 nom damage.

Triggered Actions

Trip Attack (At-Will, Melee)
Trigger: A target occupying the battleferret's square attempts to move without shifting (see Underfoot trait).
Attack: +10 vs REF
Hit: 2d6+3 slapstick damage, and the target falls prone in the first square to which they were moving.

STR 11 (+1)
CON 8 (+0)
DEX 17 (+4)
INT 14 (+3)
WIS 11 (+1)
CHA 14 (+3)

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