The holy scepter of the gnollish queen of peace. As an encounter power, touch an ally when they are near death (o hp of less) to restore them to their bloodied value. Doing so increases the weapon's damage and attack bonus.

0 allies healed: STR vs AC; 1d6 dmg.
1: STR+1 vs AC; 1d8 dmg.
2: STR+2 vs AC; 1d10+1 dmg.
3: STR+3 vs AC; 1d10+2 dmg.
4: STR+4 vs AC; 2d6+1 dmg.
5: STR+5 vs AC; 2d6+2 dmg.
6/MAX: STR+5 vs AC; 2d8 dmg.

Tieflings cannot use or be healed by the holy weapon.

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